Many aspects of the Asian culture truly is fascinating, and the continent has given the rest of the world so much to enjoy, in terms of cuisine, pop culture, entrepreneurs who revolutionize the corporate world and even the study and history of the culture is fascinating to learn.

The contribution of Asia to the rest of the world is not an overnight feat, in fact it is a process that has culminated into the Asian gifts we have today over centuries of progress and constant development and improvement. For example, the ancient Chinese civilizations used the Silk Route for trading, establishing trade connections which helped towards developing the economy that China has today, which is an economy which manufactures on a large scale, providing most of the goods that are available in many modern markets across the globe today. In addition to this, paper, a common substance used every day, was invented by the Chinese.

Let’s not forget the invention of gun powder, the compass, fireworks etc. Many martial arts that we practice today were introduced to the world by the Japanese, such as Karate, Jiu Jitsu and Judo, and we have Taekwondo, which originated in Korea. Currently, these countries are also huge technological innovators, helping the world take giant leaps in technological progress. In terms of pop culture, we have countries like Korea and Japan to thank for anime, and most recently, the mainstream introduction of Korean dramas and music, which has taken the world by storm.

Countries like Thailand have contributed towards beauty and self-care in today’s world by the unparalleled expertise and the special skill and knowledge incorporated by Thai masseuses in Thai massage and pain relief methods, which, in addition to the Chinese contribution of acupuncture, prove to be extremely effective. In today’s economy, these countries produce low price makeup which is an alternative for expensive, more widely used makeup brands, and one can find products such as Korean cosmetics online.

In terms of cuisine, Asian countries such as India and Sri Lanka have given us food that is rich in spice and taste and shows a stark and welcome difference in methods of cooking. Japan has given us sushi, which is a delicacy almost all over the world. Chinese cuisine is another highly celebrated cuisine, given the delicious ingredients used. To match the Chinese level of authencity, one can purchase goods directly from the source from a Chinese grocery online by KT Mart.Asia indeed has had a lot to offer over the generations, and still continues to be a leading force in today’s world. It is a collective responsibility to celebrate such cultures without a sense of difference, and ensure that its value is never diluted.