For those who have never tasted macarons, you haven’t lived yet. Macarons are basically, small and best cupcakes which are like sandwiches with a creamy filling.

However, making macarons is a very fun task. But, it can be a little difficult to make them for the first time. A lot of genuinely smart people start to crumble whenever they are asked about cooking or baking. It isn’t hard though, cooking/baking requires interest and love. Whenever you are making macarons, it is sure that you have asked yourself some questions associated with the ingredients and the mixing. It’s all crazy, but it tastes real good.

So, following are some basic not-hard questions many macaron makers ask themselves.

Can I reduce the sugar-level in my macarons?

There is no doubt that macarons are made with a lot of sugar, in fact, every desert-type dish is made with sugar. Well, an average macaron contains about 200 calories. Sugar is normally added to macarons to just increase its taste, you can skip it if you want. For those who are suffering from diabetes, don’t worry at all because you can add any amount of sugar in your macarons as you want.

What is meant by “aging egg whites?”

The process of separating the whites from the yolks is known as aging egg whites. So, the question is, why do you need to do that? This is done to minimize the amount of moisture in the product and to keep the outcome healthy. Also, experts predict that aging the whites from the eggs increases the elasticity. Planning to skip this step can cause serious damage to your batter, and when the batter is not made right, your macarons are not made right. So, always age your eggs.

Is there any shortcut to aging my egg whites?

Whenever you have craving for macarons, just microwave your eggs for 10-20 seconds. The ageing process slows down enough to make your batter good. If you don’t feel like ageing your egg whites, perform this step instead.

Can I eat macarons according to my weather conditions?

The worst weather condition to make macarons, is when its humidity. On the other hand, there are some experts who have survived this weather condition and have made their macarons successfully. But, it is best to face that, summer isn’t the best time to eat macarons.

What does it mean by letting the macarons dry before baking?

The process of letting the macaron shells dry is by not covering them. You have to do that for at least 20-40 minutes in a dry and cool place. By doing this, your macarons will have a thinner skin. However, if you skip this step, the results will create a lot of taste problems.

If you are a busy person and have no time to bake but still you crave for macarons, then just go and buy macarons Melbourne. They are pretty much everywhere because they are loved by everyone.