Starting Your Own Bakery

A small yet easy to self start business is a small bakery. If you have some unique recipes, a hand for cooking and a little business sense, you can easily start your own bakery business. It is generally a low risk business with the potential to yield a modest profit. Therefore when you decide to take on a task like this here are a few pointers.

Always keep it fresh

The root to success for any new business is to build a strong reputation right from the get go. The best way to do that in the bakery industry is by keeping your products fresh and the prices competitive. Making sure you baked goods are always oven fresh and made on a daily basis is the key. Connect up with some wholesale bakery Sydney for your daily needs and don’t ever sell old food. It’ll cost you less to throw old food away than what it’ll cost you in sales if you get a reputation for selling old food. If you have left overs give to some beggars to do a little CSR. Also the smell of fresh baked goods is better advertising than anything else.

Having a variety

Its always good to have variety in your items. This will make sure you get repeat business as people will want to try out something they didn’t get before. However if you are a small scale business trying to do too much is how you end up failing at what your good at. Therefore a god trick is to stick to what you know and outsource the rest. You could contact a nice wholesale cakes vendor and get them to sell their items through your shop. This brings in profit for you while you don’t over load your self. However remember the first point and make sure your vendor maintains your level of quality.

Pricing and location

What ever your business, pricing and location are two very important success factors. When thinking about the price you have to make sure your items are affordable to the target market. For example if the shop is near a middle class or lower class school or homes then price the items affordable to attract school children or parents on the way home. Of course cheap doesn’t mean you make a loss but your prices are low enough to attract customers away from their regular shops. Having special discounts for schools children or low rates just before closing is a good way to get business and make sure there is no waste. Also what is important to know is when picking a location, make sure there isn’t already a lot of competition, this will make it hard for you. A better place is somewhere close to a school or residential area and try to make some parking space for your potential customers.With these key factors you should be well set to start up your own little bakery business.